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OK if you like/love a boy and every where you turn you see his name, then maybe that a sign that hes your true soul mate, but i really wouldn't consider that an answer. Another way you can see this is that maybe your just seeing stuff that is not there like for example your imaging this stuff, if so go to the doctor this could be signs of something bad like obsession. But if this is what your truly seeing then you can just ignore it or accept it, its your choice.


so i have been told by someone else that had this problem and im having just the same haha is that its signs telling you that that person is your soulmate and that you are meant to be i keep getting alex popping up everywhere for 8 weeks nearly nine you may know alex if you listen to all time low yes he is my soulmate but im scared of telling him haha he wouldn't believe me a woman that does professional tarot card did my reading and she saw alex gaskarth in them and hes going to suprise me so haha big shock to me probably him too lol

anyway you must take note of these signs and tell him as soon as possible otherwise these signs are just going to keep going and never leave you alone cause believe me if you don't take note its not nice you burst out into tears all the time and wonder why its happening to you cause that's how i am now

anyway i hope that helped tell me if you tell this lad haha i want to know :) so i can look up to you and have the courage to do it with alex :P

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Q: What does it mean if you see the boys name everywhere?
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