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It doesn't mean anything - they are just pimples, or zits, and they go away in time.

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Q: What does it mean if you got a bump inside your lip?
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What does it mean when you have a little bump on your lip?

It can sometimes mean you have bitten your lip.

What does mean if there is a bump on your lip?

I'm no doctor but either you have a hold sore or a wart.

What happens when you get a bump on your lip?

The best way is to do a biopsy. But a bump on the lip can be many things.

I have a white bump inside my lower lip. It is not big. what is it?

Maybe a mucocele. See Maybe a mucocele. See It sounds like a canker sore. You probably got it from kissing your mom.

What is a bump that looks like a pimple on your lip?

A bump on your lip would be an ulcer. It could also be a cold sore. If you are concerned, or if it hurts badly, see a doctor.

What could be bump on the edge of your lips?

A bump in the lip may be caused by a blow to the mouth or hitting the mouth against a hard surface. The lip swells and forms a bump, with possible bruising. Try and apply an ice pack to the bump as soon after injury as possible to reduce swelling.

What causes a bump to appear on lip and it is sore?

One reason that the inside of your lip is sore and red could be the Herpes Simplex Complex that causes redness and soreness.

What should i do if i got a bump on the inside of my lip 2 weeks after piercing?

Simple answer go back and talk to the one who did the piercing, they are accountable for the job they do and they should render assistance to you when you have issues with the piercing. That's why they charge you so much, they are suppose to help you when you need help. Go talk to them.

Why is there a bump on my lip after touching a mushroom?

you probably are allergic, but you didn't know it.

Can you get a bump on your lip if you kiss someone?

Yes, it is a virus called oral herpes which manifests itself as a cold sore, or "bump".

I just kissed a guy n you woke up tha next morning with a little bump on your lip what does that mean?

Well, from the question you spoke of you have acquired a hickey, which is when he might have bit your lip a little, so ya.

What happen if i have lipe bump is their core?

There are cures available for lip bumps. The remedy you could use would depend on what type of a bump you have.