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Then you are going to have a miscairrage.

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Q: What does it mean if you are unsure but think your 9 weeks pregnant have started spotting blood and ultrasound measures 7 weeks with no heartbeat but the sac was present?
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9 weeks pregnant and spotting brown blood what do you do?

1. Check the baby's heartbeat. 2. If the heartbeat is OK get tablets for protection from threatened abortion.

What symptoms do you get with a miscarriage?

brown spotting , no heartbeat in u/s brown spotting , no heartbeat in u/s brown spotting , no heartbeat in u/s

Spotting a sign of twins?

try ultrasound.

Do ultrasounds give you spotting?

If it was a vaginal ultrasound then yes it could give you some spotting.

What could be causing spotting at 8.5 weeks after an ultrasound has shown a healthy heartbeat but with continued on and off spotting since then?

Spotting in early pregnancy can be normal and happens more frequently than one would suspect. Check with your ob-gyn if you have not already, Avoid heavy lifting and any new exercise. As to exactly why? I'm not sure

Can you be one month pregnant and still have menstrual spotting?

if spotting can you still be pregnant?

I'm 8wks and 3days pregnant started spotting this morning ultrasound showed Fetal heartbeat was 162 and fetus measured up to date Dr said that my gestational sac was low. Am I going to miscarry?

Your rate of m/c is only about 5% since you heard a heart beat! Praying for you!

You are 12 weeks pregnant and spotting brown Did ultrasound and baby is growing right on pace HB is normal How long should you be spotting for?

yes, its normal. if u fell up 2 super maxi pads in 1 hr. go to the doctor

Only seen the sac in ultrasound I am 11week's?

In March I was 10 weeks pregnant and was spotting very lightly. I went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound. They told me that at 10 weeks they should be able to at least see the heart beating even though it might be too soon to see the baby. When they did the ultrasound all they saw was the sac. There was no heartbeat. I had a full miscarriage a few days later. It was determined by blood tests that I had miscarried about five weeks prior and was just now discharging the fetus. I pray that this is not the situation for you, and you have a healthy baby!

I started spotting according to my calculations at 9 weeks pregnant but when i went to the dr. i was told that i was 6 weeks with a sac and yolk but no heartbeat is my baby growing?

I am going through exactly the same thing, I started spotting and went into the Dr. I am 9 weeks preggy, unless my dates are wrong and the baby only measured 6 weeks 1 day with no heartbeat i have to go back in on friday, i am still spotting has this happened to anyone before what was the outcome?

Can you have spotting after a frozen embryo transfer and still be pregnant?

I am 7 weeks pregnant after having a frozen embryo transfer. I have been spotting continously since with one episode of a heavy bleed with loss of tissue and clots. My doctor has kept me on progesterone pessaries as well as provera to control the bleeding but I am still pregnant and yesterday a healthy fetus was confirmed on ultrasound with a heart beat of 146. == ==

You are 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant at your first doctor's visit on yesterday the nurse wasn't able to hear your baby's heart beat today you are spotting light red and you did have intercourse?

I don't think at 6 weeks you can hear the heartbeat -- you MIGHT be able to see it in an ultrasound, but probably won't be able to hear until quite a bit later.As to the spotting, is it more brown than red and how heavy is it? Read this Wiki Answer:Is_spotting_brown_common_in_early_pregnancyIt will likely answer your question.