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It means that he feels like you are his pet, and he wants to feed you. I'd bet that it comes from the fact that this 'boy' never had a pet as a child, and now he treats you as an object. I recommend going on one date, then dumping him.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy turns around and looks at you a few times when he walks right in front of you when he caught you staring long long time ago?
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This girl suddenly looks down after having eye contact with me why?

usually if a girl suddenly breaks eye contact after staring at you it means she is embarrassed that she was caught staring at you.

What does it mean when a guy stares anthen looks at the floor?

When you caught him looking at you it probably embarrassed him or he didn't want you to think he was staring at you.

If you look at a girl and she looks at you then you look around and back at her and she is still staring at you then does she like you?

only if she has a happy face or smiling

Is this shy guy interested in me When I look in his direction he immediately looks away I caught him uncontrollably staring at me with a nervous smile as someone else was speaking to him too?

Either you have something on your face or , yes, he likes you.

Why when you turn around you notice a guy staring at you and then he looks away quickly and pretends he was itching his face?

Because he doesn't want you to know hes looking at you

What is the best thing to do when a guy looks at you and looks away?

Do Nothing. It is not uncommon to look at someone then look away.Whisper "Rosebud"Randomly start slapping whoever you are with at the momentGasp loudly

If a guy keeps staring at you and when his friends do something funny he turns around and looks at you and laughs to see if your laughing nd he smiles dz he lyk you?

yes. Alot

What does it mean when a boy looks at you when you talk?

no if he does then looks away if your staring back then he does

What is the meaning if you look at the guy and the guy looks at you?

He noticed you staring at him, ask yourself why - what are your feelings on it.

What does a grand champion goat look like?

It looks like the person staring at the computer.

What is 1 cent small coin with looks like a planet on front and leaf in center with small stars around the back?

what is a 1 cent small coin with looks like a planet on front and leaf in the center with small stars around the back

What do I do if a guy likes me and I like him back but I don't even know him he's the drummer at our church please help?

If you like the drummer at church, you should talk to him. Maybe he looks down when he passes you because he is shy or because he isn't aware that you like him.If the drummer looks at you in church and then looks away when you see him, he may be embarrassed he was caught looking at you. It may mean nothing. A lot of use will look away if we get caught looking at someone.I think the drummer likes you that is why he looks at you that way.The drummer of church is always staring at you every time you look at him because he probably likes you. If he looks down or quickly looks away, he may be feeling shy.If you like the drummer at church and he stares at you all the time, he may like you back.If the guy at church looks at you and you think he may like you, then just see where it goes. Don't be down on yourself and believe that you are ugly. There's someone for everyone. Obsessing about this isn't healthy.The best way to find out is to approach him and talk about his awkward actions.If the guy at church loos away after staring at you, he may be embarrassed that you caught him staring. It sounds like he may like you or want to get to know you better.If a guy that you don't know is looking at you and staring but looks down when you catch him, he is probably interested in you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because you think you look ugly doesn't mean hat others think the same.He might be staring at you because he likes you. Maybe he looks down when he passes you because he's shy and doesn't know what to say.If the drummer from church is always staring at you, he may want to get to know you better.He likes you, but doesn't know how to show it. You should go talk to him, he is interested in you.Usually when a guy does this it is because he is interested in you.This is usually an indication that the person is interested in you and thinks you are good looking.I would say that he likes you, maybe you should talk to him.