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he will put his hand close to yours..or brush the back of your hands "accidentlly" that case you should hold his hand, cause he is not sure if you want to hold hands..soo take charge...

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1. the guy wants to propose 2 u, but is nervous.

2. the guy wants to abduct you.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy tries to grab your hand and hold your hand tight?
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What do you do to make a guy hold your hand?

Grab his hand. You could just look and pay with his hand then just hold it; telling him to hold your hand works to.

How do you hold a breast?

Get your hand,reach over, and grab it like you would grab a ballon!

How do you know if a guy wants to hold your hand?

You dont. Just grab his hand and hold it. He will be shocked but will go along with it.

How do you when a boy wants to hold your hand?

You never know for sure. Most of them just grab your hand

What if you want to hold a guys hand but his hands are always in his pocket?

Just tell him you would like to hold his hand. Take charge, take his hand out of his pocket and hold it tight! Stick you hand in his pocket and hold his hand in there

How I know the girls want to sex?

She will hold you tight and smile. She will grab your dick when kissing and yous will go from there xxx

What to do next after you have grabbed her hand?

Hold it tight and don't let go.

Tight-fisted at the hand of the grindstone?

to hold on to something tightly to be stressted out

Which part of your girlfriend hand should you hold?

Hold the palm of her hand in the palm of your hand. Don't hold too tight, and don't hold with a limp grasp. Hold her hand just like you would like your hand to be held. Keep your hands clean and remember to always, always, be tender, be kind.

My friends were telling my bf to hold my hand and he did but im not sure if he did it just so theyd stop bugging him or if he actually wanted to hold it How should i get him to hold my hand again?

You guys are dating so you should just go up to him and grab his hand:)

How do you get a boy to hold your hand while he's talking to his friends?

Just like put your hand near his and see if he makes a move to grab it.

How do you hold someones hand?

Boys like to hold hands, if they show it or not (but depending on the relationship. I'm amusing you are at least friends). If you are a girl wanting to hold a guys hand just go for it! This is often very appreciated and sometimes viewed as sexy or caring. You don't need to interlock fingers, just palm to palm will do - its just less complicated. Hold hands why standing and when you are alone or in a position where the guy will not feel embarrassed by his peers.