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Possibly. A blushing emoji is typically used to express some kind of embarrassment, but can change depending on the context of the communication.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy sends you a blushing smiley face does he like you?
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How do you do a blushing face on facebook?

i believe its like this: O///O

How do you do a smiley face on myspoace?

Like this::)Like this:-)or this...... .lU

It seems like my face is always really red so it looks like I'm always blushing Is there anything I can do to help stop the redness?

If your face is always red and it looks like you are blushing, you may have a medical condition that can be treated by dermatologist.

How do you talk to the guy you like without blushing?

put white paint on ur face

Who does Janet Singh like?

L.O.L smiley Face (=

Are faces faces?

smiley faces are a sense of expession when happy, sad. lonely. and satisfied. I like smileys, I'm smiley!!! is a smiley face:

How do you put a happy face on a message to be sent?

If you're talking about a little smiley-face icon... you need a colon like this : and a curly bracket like this ) put them together without a space :) and you get a smiley face.

What do all the smileys on MySpace mean for your mood?

They mean like what your feelinq.As in a smiley face, happy.A sad face, sad.A biq smiley face excited or way happy.Etc...

Can a moon look like a smiley face?

No this is all imagination.

What does it mean when a guy you like usually puts a smiley face at the end of his texts when he talks to you?

A 'smiley face' at the end of the text he sent you means he is happy to be in contact with you.

Can you make symbols in text messages?

Yes like this :D a smiley face

What does a smiley face mean in an email with no other words?

* It means they like you or they are thinking about you.