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they dont feel right around you and they would like to leave really soon?

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Q: What does it mean if a guy plays with his hair when he is near you?
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Does a guy touching a girl's hair mean he is into her?

Yes, normally when a guy touches and plays with the girls hair this is showing love and affection.

Whats it mean when a guy plays with your hair when hes kissing you?

it means hes into ur hair aswell.

What does it mean if you pull your hair back when close to a guy you like?

I do that a lot when I'm near a guy I like. I think it means that you're trying to be noticed.

Whatb does fabian mean?

A guy who wears skinny jeans and has long hair, goes to mission, and plays guitar:D

What does it mean when a guy plays withyour hair and then tells you it's soft and won't stop?

That he LIKES you! Or if he's an old dude that hes a pervert! Your Welcome!!

What does it mean if a guy plays with your hair and calls you beautiful?

Saying your beautiful instead of sexy or hot means he respects you but I'll need to catch up in my sociology with the hair playing with I'm guessing it means he is comfortable around you btw I'm a guy and he's in to you;)

Has Jake King got long hair?

if you mean the guy who plays that gay game Aussie rules, then No. If you mean any other Jake King, then it doesn't matter about his hair length, He will be more of a man than the queer Aussie bloke

Who is Garrett hedlund in Georgia rule?

he plays harlan, the guy with long blond hair

What does it mean when a guy touch your hair and said i like your hair?

He's probably attracted to you.

What does it mean if a guy wants to put up your hair?

He likes your hair. And yo body

What does a hair flip mean from a guy?

It could be a turn on to them, depending on how you do it and how much and what kind of hair you have.

If a guy plays with your hair does he like you?

Think about it. If a guy treats you different from his other girls that are friends then he probably likes you if this guy plays with every girls hair then he's wierd. if he plays with only YOUR hair, he likes you.