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it usually means they like you......its a way they can avoid looking into their eyes.....this aplys for a guy......they think its really cute and want you to think so too. :)

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It could mean he likes you, but just to be sure you should ask him your self.

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Q: What does it mean if a boy flips there hair right after they like at you?
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Well what does it mean when a girl looks at you then like flips her hair w her hand and like frames her face?

It is oh so obvious she is flirting BIG TIME

What does it mean when a guy flips his hair at you?

It means he thinks your attractive so he is trying to look better when he is in your presence.

What does it mean when someone walks by you and flips their hair?

It probably means either -They want you to notice them -Two they want to look cool -Three they like you -Four they have a really weird muscle spasm problem

If a guy flips you off does it mean he likes you?

No way. If he flips you off he probably hates you're guts.

What does thinning your hair mean?

the right thing the right thing

What does it mean if a guy plays with his hair when he is near you?

they dont feel right around you and they would like to leave really soon?

What does it mean when a guy flips your hair?

He is teasing you and may want your attention. Young men often do things that seem the opposite of what a girl thinks is flirting. Teasing you is one way they flirt.

How can you do your hair like Kristen Stewarts?

do you mean the hair she has in Twilight, or her hair as janet jett???

What does it mean a knot on your right side of your hair line?


In Lord of The Flies what does hair like tow mean?

It means they have blonde hair.

What does it mean if a boy flips out after you talk to another boy?

That means he likes you and is jealous.

What does it mean when a guy touch your hair and said i like your hair?

He's probably attracted to you.