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He knows you very well.

He likes you, as a really close friend.

He Might have a crush on you.

He likes to pick on you.

Or he is "falling" for you.

All of these are based off of the type of person he is.

I do agree with what this person said, I would just like to add that most likely he does like you, and by yelling your name he is letting other guys know you are his and by hugging you making that claim even stronger by saying 'I like her and she likes me back. Don't you dare even try to take her away from me.'

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It could mean the person is excited to see you and wants to show affection. It could also signal that they have a close relationship with you and feel comfortable expressing themselves physically.

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Q: What does it mean i f a guy yells your name in the hallway then hugs you?
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