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it means that he is probably not interested in something more than a platonic relationship. This doesnt necessarily have to be true, only more likely.

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Q: What does it mean for a man to call a female sister?
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What does it mean for a man to call a woman sister does that mean their just friends?

it means your either brother and sister or your close

What does it mean for a man to call a female sister when they dont know each other and what does it mean?

* In the 40's to 50's when a man said 'sister' it was a slang term like 'baby.' Most women did not like either word used. If he persists tell him to stop as you don't appreciate it.

Sister's son will call me as?

Your sister's son will call you his uncle, if you are a man, or his aunt, if you are a woman.

What does mmf mean in adult personal ads?

MMF mean Man Man Female and MFF mean Man Female Female. its basically the 2 ways to have a 3 sum.

If a man calls a woman sister does that mean he sees them as a sister?


What does hola bonita muchacha como esta mean?

"Hello, man, how are you?" Or... "Hey, man! What's up?" ;)

What do you call a man with female genitals in the throat?

smallest baby in the world

What call father sister in English?

Your sister's daughter is your niece. If you are a woman, you are your niece's aunt; if you are a man, you are your niece's uncle. Your sister's son is your nephew.

In my dream my sister is kissing the man I have a crush on?

this could mean that your sister might like the same guy as well.

What do you call your sister's or brother's children?

Boys = "nephews", Girls = "nieces". If you are a man they will cal you "uncle" If you are a woman they will call you "aunt" or "auntie".

What should i call my man after engagement?

engaged female is a fiancée engaged male is a fiancé

What does the dissemination of knowledge was man's highest calling mean?

it means that when you call a man they dont call back to you.