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It may feel like you are urinating.

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Q: What does it feel like when a girl squirts?
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Do guys like it when a girl squirts when she cums?

Guys generally have a feeling of "accomplishment" or success when a girl has an orgasm during sex.

How do you know when a girl squirts?

They get really horny.

Does sperm fell like pea?

You just feel a lot of pleasure and the speem shoots out in little squirts for five seconds. But no, it doesn't feel like pee. It's better

What happens when a girl squirts?

the guy walks away

Is it bad when a girl squirts?

That would fall within your preview with your conundrums with philosophy. To simply put. "What ever you think is, is.". I don't know, but it's pretty damn gross.

How does soil give off moisture?

Like a Pen15, it squirts out in its climax.XD IN THE FACE Like a Pen15, it squirts out in its climax.XD IN THE FACE

What adaptations do sea squirts have?

Sea squirts have a body shape that looks like a sponge or a rock.

What is it when a girl squirts?

It is your natural lubricant you produce when sexually aroused(orgasm).

Does it hurt a girl if she ''squirts'' while a penis is inside her?

From my experiences, no it doesn't. The only thing that happens when a girl "squirts"is the vagina gets wetter. Don't worry, you'll be okay. Be careful though, don't be stupid.

What does a kiss from a girl feel like?

It depends on who you are. Ask a girl that has kissed another girl what it feels like.

What do sea squirts look like?

Sea squirts look like little tubes and live in bodies of water. They come in many different colors and shapes.

When a woman squirts beside feeling like your going to pee does the fluid feel hot?

That fluid does feel hot, but not more than 27 degrees C. The fluid is hot becuase of the body temperature only.