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answer: girls love their breasts being touched but with love and tenderness. do it but nicely,some like it rough so look for your girls reactions. be soft if she likes soft. be rough if she enjoys you grabbing her breasts. all girls are different,but all love to be touched. Do not forget to kiss lick and suck. use your tongue,it will drive her crazy.

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Q: What does it feel like to touch a girls breasts and vagina?
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How do you feel your breasts?

Just touch them

How do girls feel when guys lick their vagina?

most girls feel pleasure and turned on to it.

Do girls like guys to feel their breasts?

Generally, yes girls like for guys to feel their breasts because it feels good and stimulates them sexually. Most girls just don't like for guys to feel their breasts randomly without having a relationship with them.

Where is a girls spot they feel good?

im a girl basicaally our lower back getting ate out(vagina) an that's bout it for normal girls for us freaks depends how u touch us.

How do you know which part to finger?

The simplest answer is Where does it feel good? But generally girls touch the clitoris and try to finger the vagina. When people talk about fingering, it means a finger or two put inside the vagina. If you aren't ready for that, it's okay.

Should a guy feel your breasts first or your vagina?

As you wish but guys will go for breast first. Foreplay ;)

How does it feel to lick a girls vagina?

Salty... Source: Personal Experience

Why do men touch girls legs?

They want to get the feel of them.

What is the composition of a dildo?

It simulates the penis in the vagina and it makes girls feel good

What kind of breasts are sensitive to touch?

All breasts are sensitive, there's pressure points all over them and you feel EVERYTHING. The cold hits harder because of it, and the smallest touch can sometimes hurt.

Tips for how to suck girls breasts?

Removing her bra and touch the boob for atlest 5 miniut then rub her nippen gently & squeez boob take in your mouth.suck,bite,licking and make feel turn on.

What does a penis feel like when it is inserted into a girls vagina?

each man is different and no one can feel the same way you do