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According to, a civil union relationship means that a relationship between a same-sex couple that is legally recognized by a state authority and has the rights and responsibilities of a married couple. So basically, it is a legal same-sex, or gay, marriage.

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Q: What does in a civil union mean in a relationship?
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What do you mean by civil partner?

A civil partner is a partner in a civil union or in a civil partnership. Such partners typically have the same rights and responsibilities as legal spouses, but there relationship is not legally called a marriage.

What does civil union mean in Facebook?

When you indicate that you are in a civil union with another Facebook member, you are saying that you have been joined in civil union with that person. "Civil Union" is a term that some states (HI, IL, NJ, DE) use to describe a legally recognized relationship between to members of the same gender that is identical to marriage, but not called "marriage." Instead, it is called "civil union."

What does it mean when your in a domestic relationship?

A domestic relationship is when two people of either the same or different sex live together, but aren't joined in a civil union or marriage.

A boy and a girl are in a civil union relationship on facebook but they dont leave together?

The people may of just chosen to put a civil union relationship on Facebook even if they don't live together.

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What are some differences between a marriage and a legal union?

Marriage is a type of legal union. Depending upon the laws of your jurisdiction, other types of legal union may include "civil union," "domestic partnership," "civil partnership," or "designated beneficiary relationship."

Is a civil union the same as a marriage?

No, it is a lesser category of formalised relationship - a sort of second-class marriage.

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Is a civil union relationship between a man and a woman?

As of 2014, Nevada is the only state that offers opposite-sex civil unions (locally called "domestic partnerships").

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