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Illegal drugs mean drugs which is not accepted or it's against the law to use them

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Q: What does illegal drugs mean?
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Why are drugs bad for sport?

It depends if it is a legal or an illegal drug. Illegal drugs such as heroine, drugs that hallucinate you are bad for sports. Steroids counts as cheating, and could mean a disqualification.

How do you spell anfedomeans - illegal drugs?

I think you mean amphetamines.

What types of drugs are there in the world?

Thousands upon thousands. There are illegal and legal drugs if that's what you mean, but there are so many drugs.

What is the mean of illegable?

Anyone taking illegal drugs is breaking the law.

What does the word cut mean when talking about illegal drugs?

Cut in drugs terminology means to slice the drugs into greater amounts by adding something else in with the drugs.

What is in the drugs that make them illegal?

Drugs become illegal when law makers decide to pass laws saying these drugs are illegal.

What are three illegal drugs?

Three illegal drugs are: heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

What is the meaning of Illegal drugs?

Anyone taking illegal drugs is breaking the law.

Is it illegal to help someone buy drugs to drive them to where they can purchase illegal drugs?

yes it is, you are assosiated with the drugs and the drug buyer.

What does generic statue code in Escambia County FL mean?

The illegal selling of prescription drugs.

Why you can not do drugs?

It depends on the drugs. Most illegal drugs are illegal because they're harmful in some way, but just being illegal is harm enough for them to be worth avoiding.