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holly means like your really grateful for Christmas

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Q: What does holly mean at a christian Christmas?
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What plant is a Christmas plant?

ho--- A Christmas plant is called a holly.

When was Have a Holly Jolly Christmas created?

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas was created in 1965.

What is a popular Christmas plant?

holly mistletoe and a Christmas tree holly mistletoe and a Christmas tree holly mistletoe and a Christmas tree

What song says say hello to your friends you know and everyone you meet?

Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives What a wonderful world by Louie Armstrong. its have a holly jolly Christmas by Burl Ives not what a wonderful world.

The holly and the?

The holly and the ivy.It's a traditional English Christmas carol.

Is holly not associated with Christmas?

no, it is a medium christmas sign

How do you tell the family not to come for Christmas?

Have a holly jolly Christmas We don't want y'all to come. Have a holly jolly wally Christmas. Your brother the bum.

Should Christmas cards should only be about the birth of Jesus?

No. Christmas cards should be tailored to the individual to whom you are sending the card. If they are Christian, then one about Christ is good, but if they are atheist, one with Christmas trees or holly and ivy is more appropriate.

What has the author Holly Bell written?

Holly Bell has written: 'A Christmas dictionary'

What does the holly plant represent?


What does that mean for Christmas in Australia?

people celebrate Christmas in Australia because the christian religion was brought to them 1788

What is the book Holly the Christmas fairy about?

"Holly the Christmas Fairy" is a children's book in the "Rainbow Magic" series by Daisy Meadows. It follows Holly, a fairy who helps ensure that Christmas is a magical and joyful time for everyone. Holly must rescue Santa's sleigh and save Christmas after Jack Frost tries to ruin it.