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it probably means she has a crush on you :D

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It suggests that he is developing feelings of attraction or liking towards you, but he may not be fully sure or ready to express it definitively. It's a tentative way of indicating romantic interest in a subtle manner.

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it means he/she is unsure yet, but they think they are into you : )

maybe they like your looks but hasn't really seen your true charcter

maybe you should show that around he/she and they might consider u!! ; )

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It means that he is trying to tell you he has a crush on you! it is basically saying "I dont know how you feel about me and i'm kinda nervous but i have a crush on you do you like me back?" So if you like him, tell him this "I think i kinda like you too" thats a simple easy way to tell him you like him too, act nervous because he will feel like he can relate to you! if you dont like him, try to be very nice and let him down easy, like say "I'm really sorry but um... sorry.. i cant" and then leave as fast as you can lol! dont let him get at you like ask you more because then you just kinda get in deep doodoo XD good luck!

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Q: What does he mean when he says i think i kinda like you?
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What does a girl mean when she says she's very fond of a guy?

It means they kinda like you. They are not sure yet if they like you alot but they are kinda into you

How do you tell the boy you like that you like him without grossing him out?

just say I kinda like you and if he says anything mean just call him a jerk

When a girl says dont text me or call me ever again but yet she says i kinda like you what does this mean?

It means she wants a fight. She is flirting, but she wants you to chase after her.

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What does it mean Women says i like you?

That they think u are cute!

What does it mean when you like a boy and he says hell think about it?

forget him

What does it it mean if you ask a girl who she likes and she says i kinda like you with that weird face text symbol?

She likes you but she doesn't want to admit it.

What does it mean when your the new girl and a guy looks at you and stare at you and then he bumps into and and like stutters and says he sorry then kinda smiles?

It means he likes you.

When a guy says he kinda likes you?

They would maybe say yes you YOU asked him. It could also mean that he thinks you are hot, but doesn't like your personality. Also it could mean that you are *kinda* hot.

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If a guy says that he kinda flirts with you to your friend does that mean he likes you?

yes totaly

What does that mean if the guy you like looks at you till you look back and says hi and waves and looks kinda weird when he always hugs or fists others instead of saying hi and waving?

I personally think it means he really likes you.