What does going down on a girl mean?

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2009-03-27 18:12:28

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Going down when used in this context means to perform oral sex on a girl

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2009-12-29 14:40:57
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you don't want to know

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Q: What does going down on a girl mean?
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What does 'going down on you' mean in sexual terms?

'Going down on a guy' refers to felatio or a 'blow job'- sexually pleasing a male using oral stimulation on the penis 'Going down on a girl' refers to cunnilingus or 'eating out a girl'-sexually pleasing a female by orally stimulating her vaginal area

What does it mean to stick your tongue out while doing the peace sign?

It's slang for going down on a girl aka tongue action.

How do you take down a mean girl?

If the girl was mean to you for no reason then you have the right to reciprocate the same.

What does going stedy with a girl mean?

Dating them

What does going to the moon with a girl mean?

Your High

Going down on a girl?

Not right now. Maybe later.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to slow down?

he simply mean that he is tired of the girl! He might be having premature ejaculation and wants the sex to last longer. The relationship is going forward to fast and he wants to slow it down.

What does it mean if a girl is going?

this means the girl is somewhat "easy" or loose for exmple: "You think i can smash?"..."Yeah she going bro."

What Cole Sprouse mean that he likes a down to earth girl?

a nice girl .....

What does it mean is your girl hamster is showing nipples?

She is going to have a baby.

What does a girl mean when she doesn't lift the call?

she is not going to answer the call

What does it mean for a boy to tell you your down to earth?

When a boy tells a girl that she is down to earth,it only means that the girl is a very straght forward girl.

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