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A portion of the gas generated by the burning gun powder is used to operate the action.

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Q: What does gas operated mean for guns?
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What is the difference between recoil operated gas operated shot guns?

Recoil operated uses recoil from firing to cycle the action. Gas operated uses gas from firing to cycle the action.

Was the jc Higgins model 31 gas operated?

No. .22 rimfire guns do not produce sufficient gas for that. They are "blow back" operated.

What gun styles does Benelli carry?

Benelli guns carry the gas operated, semi-automatic gun style. They are Italian guns that are military type in style. They vary in size and in the amount of amo.

Are Remington shotguns gas operated?

All of their semi-auto shotguns are gas operated, yes/ All of their semi-auto shotguns are gas operated, yes/ All of their semi-auto shotguns are gas operated, yes/ Not true. The Remington 11, 11-48, & 48 are all blow back operated. The 58, 878, 1100, and 11-87 are gas operated. All of there current models are.

Is a Winchester 1400 gas operated or mechanical?

Your Winchester model 1400 semi auto shotgun is gas operated.

Is AK47 gas fired?

It is gas operated, if that is what you are asking.

Do you have to put gas in a blowback airsoft gun?

.... That is why they are called GAS blowback guns. and since you even asked, i feel it important to tell you that they do not mean gasoline. they mean Green Gas, propane, or Co2

Beretta A303 12 gauge shot guns?

There were several "300 series" Berettas. They are regarded by experts to be very high quality gas operated shotguns that last a long time.

What is green gas for airsoft guns?

It is a source of power airsoft guns can run on. There are different power sources for most guns, such as spring, electric and gas. There are many different types of gas such as co2, propane, and green gas.

Is the BLR 81 gas operated?

"BLR" = Browning Lever Rifle It is lever operated

Are blow back airsoft guns more efficent?

Yes, because you can get multiple shots off versus a spring-cocking action which you have to do everytime to get a shot off. Whatever you do, do buy a gas operated one. It's messy and you have to keep buying gas. If you want a repeating shot airsoft gun without the cost of gas, go with an electric gun. It save you money by not buying gas, and you still can fire multiple times without cocking every single time like a spring operated gun. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

Can a spring mag work in a gas bb gun?

no, the magazines in gas guns have the gas inside of the mag, spring guns dont