What does ffl stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Federal Firearms License

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Federal Firearms Licence

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Q: What does ffl stand for?
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What do the letters FFL stand for?

The letters FFL stand for a Federal Firearms License. This is a license that enables an individual or a company to legally manufacture firearms or ammunition.

What is an FFL dealer?

A firearms dealer. To be able to do business as such, you must have a Federal Firearms Licence (FFL). Most gun shops will have a Type 1 FFL, and pawn shops will have a Type 2 FFL. A Type 3 FFL is the only class of FFL which does not permit the possessor to act as a dealer.

My brother in california needs to ship my hand gun back to me in texas. how can we do this legally?


Ffl antique gun?


How long should an FFL hold a gun until it is picked up?

There is no one correct answer. Each FFl will set his own rules.

Can you sell a hand gun in fl with an out of state lisc?

You'd have to either sell it to an FFL dealer, or sell it through an FFL dealer on consignment.

Federal Firearm License requirements for Ventura CA residents?

Depends on WHICH FFL you want. The BATFE requires that you comply with LOCAL laws before they will issue the license, That includes things like zoning, business license, etc if you are looking at a business FFL. You will need approval from local Chief Law Enforcement Officer for a business FFL. A Collector's FFL (03 C&R FFL) requires only that you send a copy of your application to the Chief local LEO.

Can you mail my rifle?

NO. ----- YES Can you mail, in general send a rifle via the shipper, as in you want to sell it or give it to a relative. The answer is yes you can, however it MUST be shipped to a FFL regardless if it's within your own state or not. The FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder verifies that the person who will receive it in the state can own in legally. The receiving FFL MAY have conditions on how it's sent etc. It is also EXTREMELY advisable to send a copy of the FFL with the rifle and you can verify a FFL's license on the ATF website.

Can you buy a handgun in Ohio if you live in Kentucky?

To legally purchase a handgun out of state, you must have an FFL dealer ship the handgun to an FFL dealer in your state.

Is a ffl needed to ship a blackpowder rifle to Virginia?

Blackpowder guns are exempt from the Gun Control Act of 1963. This is the law that requires a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to send guns by mail. So, no. You don't need FFL to mail black powder guns.

Do you need an ffl to buy a c and r gun?