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Means that USPS has gotten the alert that a package is to be shipped. Meaning that they will eventually receive the package and have it shipped either to you, or your receiver. Once they seize the package they will immediately do the scanning process, which the package will then be violently tossed like a boomerang into a vehicle (whether it be a truck, an airplane or a dinky little USPS truck), and then they will begin a world tour to your destination. :)


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It basically means that the shipper has created the electronic label for shipment. If there is no further information, then chances are the item has not actually been given to the carrier yet.

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Q: What does electronic shipping info received mean?
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What does Electronic Shipping Info Received mean when using USPS?

I have the same problem. My package said that it was shipped on december 17 and sorted the same day. Then the next day on december 18 it says Electronic Shipping Info Received. Whats up with that. It just doesn't make sense.

You ordered a item online through USPS using priority mail i got an email on May 13 saying electronic shipping info received does that mean i will get the item on the 15th?

No. What this message means is that the post office has been notified that the package is ready to be picked up from where you ordered it. Because USPS does not always scan their packages and update their info, it may arrive at your door before it is updated. If you are using priority mail, assume it could take up to 5 days before you will get it.

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