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date pays out

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Q: What does disbursement date mean?
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What is the first disbursement date?

The disbursement date is the earliest day a borrower's financial institution and/or the National Student Loans Service Centre is allowed to negotiate (cash) his/her loan document or grant cheque.

What does disburstment mean?

A disbursement is something you paid out.

What is Dividend Disbursement?

Dividend Disbursement

Who notifies each student as to the Pell Grant amount he or she will receive and the disbursement date?

The college or University

What disbursement mean?

Money... Either you or somebody you may owe is going to get money.

What is disbursement cycle?

when it comes to managing the disbursement cycle, the objective is to: Shorten the Disbursement cycle Lengthen the disbursement cycle Equalize disbursements with receipts Borrow for all disbursements

What is disbursement in accounting?

Disbursement relates to money paid out for goods or services.

What is the difference between disbursement and reimbursement?

The difference between disbursement and reimbursement is that with reimbursement a person is getting back every cent they paid in. Disbursement is a set amount or percentage of money paid in.

What is the definition of the word disbursement?

The word disbursement means to spread out or to dole out. An example would be "The disbursement of the food was fair to everyone in the crowd, and no one left hungry.".

Journal entry on disbursement for specific job?

Debit Job accountCredit disbursement account

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about electronic funds transfer (EFT) and split disbursement?

EFT is mandatory; split disbursement must be offered as an option.

What day of the month are food stamps issued in PA?

This varies by the county which you live in. Your county has a corresponding code which you can find on the related link page. Scroll down to find your county, then click the 2012 Disbursement and Corresponding Dates for Cash/SNAP Benefits (PA 1635) link at the top of the page to find what date yours are issued (disbursement date).

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