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To Take away

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To Take away

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deserving praise deserving praise

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it means you credit something

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Q: What does creditable mean?
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How do you use creditable in a sentence?

My role is not creditable.

Creditable in a sentence?

She did creditable work on her examination even though she was very tired

Can you make a sentence using 'creditable'?

The ringing skills demonstrated were less than awesome but perfectly creditable.

Is Everytide Creditable?


What is the meaning of Creditable?

Worthy of belief., Deserving or possessing reputation or esteem; reputable; estimable., Bringing credit, reputation, or honor; honorable; as, such conduct is highly creditable to him.

Are there any creditable online classes for accounting available?

There are tons of online accounting courses. If by creditable you accreditable then you must specify which school you'd wish the credits to transfer to.

What makes a website creditable?

if they are selling products to make profits

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word CREDITABLE each of which has as manyletters between them as they have in English alphabet?

The word CREDITABLE has five pairs of letters - C-E, E-D, D-A, A-E, A-B

Is WikiAnswers a creditable source for information?

Sometimes, it isn't, it has junk stuff on it too. But sometimes it's helpful. Check to see if the Question has Related Links or Related Answers. Checking the sources will help you know if the Answer is creditable or not.

Is soy milk a creditable food?

No, because soy milk is a liquid, not a solid

What are words with the root word cred?

credible, incredible, credit, creditable, credulous, incredulous

Where did Arsenal finish in the league in the 19681969 season?

A creditable fourth, behind Leeds, Liverpool and Everton.

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