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Spotting can occur for a number of reasons. Most commonly spotting can occur due to hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle or as a result of ovulation. It could also occur if there has been some damage to the vaginal walls as a result of rough sex, or it may be a sign of an STD.

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Q: What does bloody discharge mean when its not time for your period?
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When you poop a pinkish and brownish discharge comes out at the same time what is it?

It is called bloody diarrhea

When you have a little bit of white discharge does that mean when you get on your period you will have a little bit of blood coming out your virgina?

No, apart from a girls first period when she can get an amount of discharge being a sign of comming of age and her period on it's way. Periods are not genrally related to Discharge apart from that first time.

Do dogs have a bloody discharge every heat?

yes they do and you have to keep mopping it up an every time they sit then move there is a patch of red discharge

Does having discharge means your period is coming?

No, having discharge doesn't mean your period is coming.You start getting discharge as you enter puberty - your first period will start within four years of starting puberty, but just having discharge isn't an indicator of your period coming any time soon. During your menstrual cycles discharge changes due to hormonal changes so you may notice fertile cervical mucus or heavier discharge as a sign your period is on it's way but if you're new to menstruation it may be hard to spot these changes. You may get pink or brown discharge leading up to your period too, this is called spotting, but you may not always see this.

Why do I only have brown discharge and no period?

That happend to me on my first i guessed it was just dry blood in my discharge

When a brown vaginal discharge comes out does that mean that i still have my period?

Brown vaginal discharge can be related to your period, it's known as spotting and caused when blood mixes with discharge and takes time to leave the body (thus going brown). It can occur just before or after your period, light periods may be only light spotting like this, or brown discharge can be an indication of bleeding for other reasons like hormonal imbalance or ovulation spotting.

Is the brown discharge mean that your next period is coming?

Brown discharge is spotting, light bleeding taking time to leave your body and mixing with discharge. Spotting can occur as your period starts, or it can be a result of many other things such as mid-cycle spotting around ovulation due to irregular hormones.

What is does a hydrograph show?

the amount of discharge in a river over a period of time

Im 13 have discharge a little bit of armpit hair genital hair breast development but no cramps what else should you experience how close am i and i have had the discharge for over 2 years.?

The discharge can just mean that your hormones are changing, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get your periods. If you already have your periods, the discharge can be from a stage in your menstrual period when your period finish, and eggs are produced. Also, it doesn't matter how long you've had the discharge for, because before I got my periods for the first time, i had it for over 3 years. Hope this helps :)

Is it normal for your dog to still be bleeding after a month after delivery?

It can be normal for dog to have some discharge intermittently several weeks after delivery. This discharge can appear bloody but is mostly body fluids not actual blood. If at any time the discharge becomes very heavy or has a foul odor seek medical attention from your vet.

When you discharge is that a sign your about to come on your period?

yes it does mean that your period will come soon...well i told my doctor that i always have discharge but then it gets really heavy right before my period and she told me that was normal and that when you get discharge it does mean that your period is on its way

What does it means when you discharge and blood comes down at the same time one week before your period?

If you're bleeding that likely is your period, maybe spotting if it is light. You always have discharge, including during menstruation, and you will bleed on your period.