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Metabolism means how fast you burn energy (the food you eat). If your metabolism increases, then you're burning more energy than you use to.

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Q: What does an increase in metabolism mean?
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What does it mean to increase your metabolism?

Your metabolism is the way your body digests food and burns the calories it needs and distributes the nutrients to the rest of your body. The faster your metabolism, then the skinnier you get or stay.

Does your metabolism increase when your sick?


Does milk increase metabolism?

Milk does not increase your metabolism. Milk is hard for the human body to digest and break down the enzymes. It actually can slow your metabolism.

Does cinnamon increase metabolism?


Does smoking increase metabolism?


Does stress increase metabolism?


How do you reduce metabolism?

eating more will increase your metabolism. eating every once and a while will lower your metabolism

Does an increase in muscle mass increase your metabolism?

Yes, an increase in muscle mass usually does mean that your metabolism will be higher--if you remain lean without starving yourself. Consider Sumo Wrestlers who have quite a bit of lean body weight but they also have a lot of adipose tissue as well (fat). In that case I don't think their metabolism is significantly higher. I always try to keep in mind that my muscles ARE my metabolism.

How can you decrease your metabolism?

I think you mean how can you increase your metabolism? You can reset your metabolism by going on a low-carb diet such as the Keto Diet. By burning ketones, and eliminating your excessive insulin release with sugar and carbs, your body will increase your metabolism, and burn fat. You can also increase it by building up muscle mass. Muscle will burn more energy (calories) than fat. Do strength training as well as cardio.

How does weightlifting increase metabolism?

because it increase your lean muscle mass which will increase your metabolism as each pound of muscle has many chemical reaction occur within them

Do cranberries increase your metabolism?

No. A half a cup of cranberries will provide you with about 6 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber, but they will not increase your metabolism.

Does spicy food increase metabolism?

It is said that spicy food will increase metabolism. Apparently, the spice raises the body temperature, which helps to raise metabolism. This in turn burns calories faster.

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