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Well it's all in what he said and how he said it. First things first, Who is this guy? Is he your boyfriend? Does he like you? or is he just a friend? If he is your boyfriend he may be trying to say "Hey, you wear a lot of makeup. Maybe you should tone it down." If he is your boyfriend then you should be able to talk to him about it openly without getting angry. Maybe approach it as such, "I noticed you commented on my makeup, do you feel I wear a bit too much?" and if he replies yes you should not be angry. Most girls wear too much makeup as far as males are concerned. If he finds you pretty he may feel you cover up soem of your pretty features with makeup. If he likes you this may be a form of flirting. He may not mean anything negative or positive just more of a way to let you know that he notices you. If he is just a friend then it could mean he likes you or is just trying to tease you. So evaluate the situation and try to decypher this. Keep in mind, people dont always say what they mean nor do they make it obvious but it's your job to figure out his intention and act accordingly.

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Q: What does a mean when a guy notices that you wear make up?
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