What does a high fico score mean?

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A high fico score means you could have anywhere from a good credit rating to an excellent credit rating. If you have a high fico score, it means you pay your bills on time with no late or missing payments.

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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: What does a high fico score mean?
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What does the word fico mean in slang?

Fico is what one would call a peson's credit score. FICO is an acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation, the creators of the FICO score. A person's FICO score will range between 300 and 850

Is FICO score and credit score the same thing?


What type of a FICO score do you need to get approved for a fast cash loan?

Generally your FICO score has to be high to get a fast cash loan. A high score to me would be between 700 and up to like 800. There are companies that I have seen that will help with a score of about 500.

What does a 9003 fico score mean?

Score not available due to lack of credit history.

What does a 331 FICO score mean?

A 331 FICO score means in plain english---You have horrible credit. You can`t even get bubblegum on credit :P

How can i increase your fico score?

Which action will help increase a low FICO score?

Can you get a good mortgage rate with a FICO score of 686?

FICO score for mortgageDepends on your definition of "good". You can get a mortgage with 686 score. FICO score over 720 will get you the best mortgage rate.

Is your beacon score and FICA score the same?

A beacon score is just the name given to the equifax branded FICO score. So your FICO score and beacon score will be the same if your FICO score is pulled using your equifax credit report.

How can a FICO credit score be obtained?

A FICO score is obtained with information taken from a person's available credit information. The score is sold by the FICO Company to interested financial institutions.

What is the interest rate for an auto loan with a fico score of 605?

high,about 15%-18%

What is the highest possible FICO score?

900 Sorry, 900 is not it Highest FICO score is 850

Where can one get their FICO score?

The best place to go on the internet for information regarding their FICO score is the website called myFICO. The site provides everything one would need to know about their FICO score.

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