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pull your shirt down, and hope for the best!!

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Q: What does a girl do when her zipper is down in front of a guy?
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Why would a girl take her bikini off in front of a guy?

If a girl takes her shirt off in front of an guy then its a high chance she likes the guy

What does that mean if a guy dance in a funny way in front of a girl and stare at her?

the guy likes the girl and would like to dance with her.

Is it a bad thing if a guy farts in front of a girl?

yes !

What does it mean when a girl always shows off in front of a guy?

It just means she thinks the guy is ugly. It means that the girl likes the guy...I'm a girl so that is what i would do sometimes to get attention from the guy i like.

What does 69 look like?

It's a guy/girl with another guy/girl upside down on each other.

How not to get a girl?

If you want to get a girl don't get high in front of her. Some guy learnt that the hard way.

What does it mean if a guy cried in front of his girl friend?

Depends what he was crying about.

A girl and a guy develop a relationship at the age of fourteen the girl tells the guy she wants to be friends she likes the guy again and the guy is willing to try it out what does the guy do?

The guy next to me is <------ NOAH! and then theres Gaby in front of me. and brandon diangnle from me.

When a guy talks about a future with a girl does it mean that he's settle down with that girl?

Just like you would with a guy in your grade

What does it mean when a guy goes down on a girl?

If a guy "goes down" on girl, it means he licks up her vagina. It's supposed to be pleasing for the woman. Basically, you lick her up.

How do you tell a guy that his zipper is down?

If you are a guy, just tell him. If you are a woman and you know him well, just tell him. If you are a woman and you don't know him or are just acquaintances, ask a man to tell him. It's less embarrassing for him that way.

Isn't a boy's front pocket a kind of private place for a girl to reach into?

Yes it is, even for a girl. If the guy or girl doesn't want to be touched than you shouldn't touch them in the first pace, but it's extremly rude to touch a front pocket for a guy.