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beautiful gril

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Q: What does a dream of getting a tattoo that says be strong mean?
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What does it mean to dream about getting a tattoo of a dragon on your back?

means u pooped the bed...

What does it mean to dream someone is getting out of jail?

had a dream someone was getting out of jail

What does it mean when you dream about horse?

You have a strong desire to ride.

What does the tattoo of a southern magnolia mean?

A tattoo of a Southern Magnolia is a symbol of a strong southern beauty. Also known as a Mississippi Magnolia.

When someone calls you a rope what does it mean?

There are a number of things a person may mean when they call you a rope. They may mean that you are strong or that you are common.

What does ir mean to dream of your hubby getting distant to you?

When you dream that your husband is getting distant to you then it means that there could be a strain in your relationship.

What does it mean when you dream about steel beams?

It means that you have a strong foundation in life

What does it mean when i Dream of my friends right shoulder is tattooed with her friends names and the tattoo is going down her arm and on her ankle there is a tattoo of a rosary?

I don't know, what does it mean when you obnoxiously capitalize words that do not need to be capitalized? RIDDLE ME THAT!

What does a skull inside a star tattoo mean?

It is a sign of strong believe in kyotechrism (A Romainian Wizardry cult)

What does it mean if you dream about getting bit by a fish?

u had a nightmare

Does getting a tattoo on your right fore arm only mean you are gay like getting only a right ear piercing?


Symbolism of a flying pig tattoo?

Well the saying suggests that its something which will never happen. Therefore a tattoo of it could mean that you are aspiring to a dream or ambition. However it could also just mean that it is astetically pleasing and a bit of a joke.