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While for most this can mean that you love dogs, it can also relate to furries or the furry fandom. Hi Mr. Colbert

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Q: What does a dog paw print tattoo symbolize?
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What does a lion paw print tattoo symbolize?

heart in the beast

Dog paw-print tattoo?

A dog paw print tattoo is a good tattoo to get to remember a pet. You could also put the name of the dog under tattoo.

What gang uses the Paw Print Tattoo symbol?

The Fresno Bulldogs use a paw print tattoo symbol.

What does the paw tattoo symbolize on women?

That's she's an animal in bed/ a total bitch/ a bit of a dog.

What does a bear paw print tattoo symbolize?

A bear paw print tattoo symbolizes the following: The wisdom to hear The strength to listen The courage to follow your inner voice Also, A Bear Tattoo can also symbolise a connection with the 'bear' subculture. A subculture within the gay community that emphasises masculinity, strength and naturalness.

What is Shia LaBeouf's favorite animal?

I think his favourite animal might be a dog. I think this because he has a tattoo of a paw print and a pet he has a pet dog.

What does panther paw print tattoo mean?

A panther paw print can mean that a person can have a mean streak. This type of tattoo can also mean that a person as a love for panthers.

Does Ed Sheeran have tattoos?

Yes, he has a tattoo of a paw-print. A paw print, a plus sign, a star and a jigsaw piece.

Do different animal paw prints tattoo's represent different things?

Yes, different animal paw prints in tattoos do represent different things. The paw print of a tiger could represent power or strength, while the paw print of a dog might represent loyalty and friendship.

What paw print is on a leopard?

same as a dog

What is the tattoo on shia labeouf left arm?

Shia Labeouf has a paw print tattoo on his upper left arm.

What is the symbolism behind a cat paw print tattoo?

I got one in memory of my cat.