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Bongs and pipes are really quite different. Not only are bongs much larger, but they are usually more enjoyable. Bongs are often filled with water, thus filtering many carcinogens out of the smoke, while cooling it at the same time. Also, bongs are quite common at parties or places with many people, because the bowl is bigger and it can go around more often before being re-packed. Pipes, on the other hand, are easily concealed, and are more common for smoking alone or in a small group. Most bongs hit "harder", mostly because when you uncover the shotgun, there is more smoke in the chamber, while the smoke coming from a pipe comes out at a more steady rate.

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Q: What does a bong do compared to a pipe?
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How do you use weed with out skins?


Why is Ciara on CRACK?

cause your mama is smokin' weed out that bong pipe

What are bong holes?

Bong holes might refer to the holes that are in the pipe portion of a water bong that is used to smoke herbal tobacco. Bung holes are the holes in wine barrels that are closed with corks.

In slang terms what is a 'bong hit'?

In slang terms, a 'bong hit' is the definition of taking a hit or smoking cannabis. A bong is a term for a pipe that the substance is smoked from or inhaled. One would take a deep breath and inhale through the bong, taking the effect or hit at once.

What is a tobacco pipe with big bubbles at the bottom that get smaller as it moves toward the mouthpiece called?

a bong

Does a bong take the addictive stuff out of weed?

There is no addictive drug in weed. A water pipe or bong only cools the smoke and filters the ash and some tiny particles from it as well.

What is better to use an apple to smoke out of or other weed pieces?

get a pipe, bong, steamroller, gravity bong, zong, zig zags, blunt wraps. there are many different ways to smoke it.

What method let's you get the most THC out of weed?

Going from least to greatest: Joint Blunt Pipe Bong Vaporizer

What do you do with kush?

roll a joint, get a marijuana pipe, a bong, blunt, watever yur preference is. yu smoke it. Save

What is marijuana put into?

a joint, blunt, tobacco pipe(also called a bowl or piece), a bong, a vaporizer, a bubbler

Methods of use for marijuana?

wrapped>blunts (cigar wraps)>joints (cigerette wraps)dry pipes>Sherlock (glass or wooden pipe shaped like the one Sherlock used to puff on)>steamroller (straight pipe with a decent sized choke on the opposite side of the mouth)>spoon (probably most common bowl in somewhat the shape of a spoon)>chillum (small pipe with a bowl on one end)>pinner (makeshift pipe made out of tinfoil or a pen)water pipes>bong (i think everyone knows what a bong is)>bubbler (small glass bong with a choke)>hookah (tall multiperson pipe with a big bowl at the top)others smokables>apple (carve a pipe out of an apple)>vaporizer (heats up the weed and vaporizes it so your mainly smoking THC)>gravity bong (theres so many types of G-bongs)or eaten

What does a bong look like?

generally a bong is a long thick pipe, with a big ball like bottom, which has your bowl (where the weed goes). sometimes a bong will come with a choke, and sometimes tho bowl will come out so you can clear it. however there are many different bongs, you will see this type the most.