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usually shows low battery....

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Q: What does a blinking red light mean on a mp3?
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What does blinking red light mean?

Blinking red light signifies alertness or danger.

What does it mean when the red light is blinking?

stop: clear the active runway

What do you do a blinking red light at an intersection?

Stop. Treat the blinking red light as a stop sign.

What does a red light blinking on a house arrest ankle bracelet mean?

It means the device is on. I know the device is on and fully charged but the power light should be blinking green not red. Why is the power light blinking red when it should be blinking green??

What does blinking red light on air hogs helicopter mean?

it is on video camera

What does the blinking red light on a ipod mean?

Like, maybe, the battery's getting low?

What does blinking red light on riddex electronic pest repeller mean?

the red light signals that the pulse is going out through the electrical system.

What does it mean when you have a blinking red light on hoover max extract?

that means that the area you are cleaning is dirty

What does a blinking red arrow on the traffic light mean?

It means stop first then can proceed if clear

What is a yellow blinking light at an intersection mean?

Yield. It usually means the cross-traffic has a blinking red light (stop sign). slow down because someone may pull out

Why is my usb sound adapter blinking red?

A blinking red light is the adapter's way of informing you of a low battery.

What is the blinking red light on the dashboard of a car when it get dark?

The blinking red light in the dashboard is an indicator that your anti-theft security system is armed and working.

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