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what ever size you get or type

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2009-04-05 19:12:49
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Q: What does a 11 year old girls bra look like?
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How do you get of a girls bra?

Say they look pretty......

How do you see a girls breast when she is wearing a bra?

Look at her from the side. If your talking about nipples, if she has a padded bra, you cant.

Why do girls wear a bra if they are flat?

To make their boobs look big

Why girls and women like to wear no bra and underwear?

Some girls like to wear no bra and underwear because they like the freedom of not feeling restricted in tight fitting undergarments.

Do boys like girls that have a bra size 36C?

Yes they do

How does a girl look like with no bra?

A girl who is not wearing a bra may look normal, girls often go out without them on and people don't always notice. They may have less cleavage and are more likely to be wearing layers or dark colors.

What does a 38a bra look like?

a 38a bra is said to not even be invented in most clothing stores, you should move on to a size b. so a 38a bra would look like a 32b.

Can a 10 year old girl wear a bra?

Depends on if she needs it or not. To just wear a bra to feel "grown up" is not needed. Most 10 year old girls have not reach puberty and therefore do not need a bra.

Does Scott look like Karl and bra?


What is the definition of brazer?

If it sounds like this "BRA-ZEER", it means bra, the upper underwear girls use. Old fashioned word. Otherwise, I have no clue. its like a bra that's ment to be shown off more than a bra

Should you wear a bra with a strapless shirt?

Sometines it will look good like a layered look or just buy a strapless bra for a better look

How can you tell a girls bra size?

Take it of and have a look at the size tag. If its an A, it will kind of look like an orange. B, its will kind of look like and apple. C, will kind of look lik half a watermelon, and D(+) will look lik a full watermelon. Im a C.

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