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Usually XXX refers to something being X-rated, having to do with something sexual

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Q: What does XXX mean when typed into a chat?
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What does this mean plus when typed in chat?

à plus means see you later

On gmail chat it says that she or he has entered a text What does that mean?

It just means that they have typed a text but they are not sending it.

What does MHMK mean in chat?

It means like Yes or Okay. Its just a way of someone agreeing with you or acknowledging what you texted or typed.

What is igod chat room?

It sooooo cool uu basically chat with god!!!!!! Lol xxx lovee it!!!!

What does heyyyyy mean?

It is what people sometimes say instead of hello or hi. But with the extra 'y's on the end, it probably means hello but typed on a website with chat.

What is a real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer called?


Why doesn't Skype show you what the other person has typed?

It should show you what the other person has typed. Are you sure that you have the correct contact's chat open?

Real-time typed conversation on a computer?

Real time typed conversation on a computer is known as a chat.

Is xd in chat shows offensive behavior?

xd, commonly and properly typed xD in chat windows is not offensive behaviour. It is simply the emoticon for joyous laughing.

What does the first X of XXX mean?

anong ibigsabihin ng xxx

How do you type in and let your penguin say what you typed on club penguin?

When you first joined it should have said 'standard safe chat' that lets you type what you want but if you clicked 'super safe chat' you have to say what is on the chat menu.

What does it mean when a girl ends a chat with xxxxx when you aren't dating?

it just means kisses....i almost always end my convos with xxx(: sometimes when the girl does this, it means she likes you and drops a hint...hope this helps!