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Deceased (or dependent of the deceased).

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Q: What does USA AD-DEC mean on the military privilege card?
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What does US AD DEC mean on the military privilege card?


What does NON PO mean on a military id card?

Non-Petty Officer

What does ward mean on a military ID card?

means that the ID card is for a dependent of a service member i.e, Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son...

What does Sp mean on the relationship block of a military dependent ID card?

Probably "Special Privileges."

What does db mean on a military id card?

'DB' is short for 'Date of Birth.'

What does URW mean on a military id card under relationship?

URW stands for Un-Remarried Widow.

What does Cum Privilegio mean in English?

That is Latin for "With privilege."

What do you mean by 'disrespectful of rank and privilege'?

It means that you've abused your authority

What does sc mean on the relationship block of a military dependent id card?

It stands for STEP CHILD, child would be CH, and spouse is SP

What does citizenship in the community mean?

The Status of a citizen with its attendant rights, duties, and privilege's

What does article 6 section 11 of the Philippine constitution mean?

It is all about the parliamentary privileges of the congressmen which are the privilege from arrest and privilege pf speech and debate.

Why cant you burn a military draft card?

Qualify the question a bit and I will be happy to answer. Do you mean why is it illegal to burn a draft card or why is it (or is it) socially unacceptable/morally wrong to burn a draft card? The fact is that you can burn a draft card but it is illegal. For a legal discussion see US v. O'Brien. I think there is a good wiki entry on it.