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A few well-known Kellogg products were Corn Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Corn Pops, and Fruit Loops

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Q: What does Kellogg make?
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What sales did Kellogg make in 2003?

Kellogg had overall sales of nearly $9 billion in 2003

How much money did Kellogg Company make in 2002?

Kellogg Company had 2002 sales revenue of $8.3 billion

Are there such thing as Kellogg's Chocolate Stars?

Kellogg's does not make any cereals or other foods called Chocolate Stars.

Why Kellogg's is created?

no one else knew how to make cornflakes

Does Kellogg make unsweetened puffed wheat?

Only on tuesdays

What were the names of the two Kellogg brothers as in the people who made the Kellogg's brand of cereal?

Will Keith Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg

Did William Keith Kellogg have any children?

Yes, he had 4 of them. Their names were Karl Hugh Kellogg , John Leonard Kellogg, Irvin Hadley Kellogg (died when he was born), William Keith Kellogg Jr.,Elizabeth Ann Kellogg Williamson

Who found the Kellogg's company?

Will Keith Kellogg

What is the birth name of Bruce Kellogg?

Bruce Kellogg's birth name is William Bruce Kellogg.

What is the birth name of Cecil Kellogg?

Cecil Kellogg's birth name is Cecil Charles Kellogg.

What is the birth name of Christine Kellogg?

Christine Kellogg's birth name is Christine Anne Kellogg.

Where is the Kellogg Historical Society in Kellogg Iowa located?

The address of the Kellogg Historical Society is: Po Box 295, Kellogg, IA 50135-0295