What does Jill mean?

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Jill means Jill

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Q: What does Jill mean?
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Where is Jill Kelly now?

In Two thousand and five Jill Kelly went bankrupt. A magazine company bought the rights to all her prior modeling work. Since then she seems to have disappeared.

Is Jill Sobule a lesbian?

No, Jill Sobule is not a lesbian. I know people make much out of her "I Kissed a Girl" (1995) song, but Jill has never identified herself as a lesbian. She has said that she has had relations with both men and women and that's all she'll say in interviews. I guess that makes her rather bisexual, but she doesn't refer to herself with any label as per her sexual identity, so I would hesitate to assign one to her. I think she just wants to be "Jill Sobule."

Was Yo Yo Ma married?

Yo-Yo Ma is married to Jill Horner.

What happens if someone doesn't want to talk to you because you did something wrong and you don't know what you did?

I like a girl named Jill, but she i hate you, so i just ignore her

Who is the actress in the Yaz commercial?

I believe it looks like Jill Wagner. I believe it looks like Jill Wagner. It is Jordan Monroe - Miss October 2006 (Playboy Magazine) Really it is Laura Stone!! IT'S VIVIAN GRAY!!!It is NOT Jill Wagner, as some are posting.ANSWER:there are a lot of girls in this commercial. i know the girl wearing green colored shirt, packing boxes is deb d'agostinoLaura StoneANSWER:also, deb d'agostino but there are lots of girls in these commercials. likely many commercials made, so depends on date this person is askingSimply speaking, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals (or Bayer) is the company to produce and promote YAZ.Good

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