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God does the same thing with gay and lesbian people that He does with straight people.

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Q: What does God do with gay and lesbian people?
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If God made gays and lesbians why did he destroy them?

If God did make gays and lesbians, he made them like everyone else. But he never destroyed them. There have always been gay and lesbian people, even up to today.

What is the most common form of sex straight or lesbian or gay?

Most people are straight but then it is lesbian, then gay

Are you lesbian can receive holy communion?

No you can't, because in the bible it explains how god destroyed 2 cities because they were showing gay affection.So think about it if god destroyed these cities, for doing a sin which was people being gay in the cities, do you think lesbian can receive holy communion? and the answer is no because its a sin. Matter of fact gay, lesbian people are worse than animals, because animals will never ever do that type of thinks in life.

Is Kayla huffman gay?

God, YES! she had sex with Brenda Song! Ps. it's lesbian not gay.

What does it mean when a hotel states that they are associated with IGLTA?

It means that they welcome gay and lesbian customers, with employment policies that are accomodating with gay and lesbian people, and that they may also donate money to local gay and lesbian foundations. IGLTA means: International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Is Being gay or lesbian a sin from God and will gay and lesbian people go to heaven or hell?

1) No, sexual 'idiosyncratic' tendencies are not 'Heavenly-sent', they are of biological origin; and 2) only perpetrators of Evil are destined for Hell.

Where are the masai from?

the masai are little gay and lesbian people

What is panisexual?

Panisexual is a person who is attracted to people who are gay,lesbian or straight.

Who is Audrey le?

A person who is not a gay and lesbian :) She is also awesomethe person who put her as a gay lesbian is a gay lesbian

Is it ok to go to church and be a gay or a lesbian?

In my opinion, it is. God accepts all people, no matter what other people think.

How long have you been a lesbian for?

People who are gay are born that way.

Is sharing candy mouth to mouth considered lesbien or gay?

That would be called kissing. It is not either lesbian or gay, but you could be lesbian or gay if you enjoy kissing people who are the same sex as you are.