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The letters BB indicate the size of the shot that is in the shotgun shell.This is telling you that your shot size in the shell is the same size as used in BB guns.

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2014-03-03 15:39:18
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Q: What does BB mean on a box of shotgun shells?
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How many BB's are in a airsoft shotgun shell?

Some shells hold up to 15.

Can you reuse airsoft shotgun shells?

Yes, airsoft shells are refillable, being made of hard plastic and a hole to insert bb's in.

Do you have to use shells in an airsoft shotgun?

It all depends on the model your looking at. So, to make it simple, elaborate. My pump action M56A uses airsoft shotgun shells, that act as magazines. So in a real shotgun, when the shell of a shotgun is fired, the Shell ejects, and the bb's fire. In an airsoft shotgun, depending upon the model, a shell shotgun fires 1 or 3 bb's, and without ejecting the shell, you pump again, causing more pre-loaded bb's into the chamber. But in some Airsoft shotguns, they use Magazines. You insert the magazine into the underside of the gun, and when you re-pump, bb(s) load into the chamber. That would be the logical answer. You used the word "Have". Do i "have to use shells". There are magazine alternatives, and you can always do it the good old fashion manual loading method. You could "screw" the loading mechanism, and manually force the bb's into the chamber. Not recommended. Any more questions, email me.

What does the BB mean in baseball box score?

Base on balls A walk

How much fps does an airsoft shotgun have?

FPS depends on the type of bb used, quality of the bb, weight of the bb, and the chronograph. On top of that, it depends what shotgun it is! There are many, many airsoft shotguns out there.

What are BBS?

BBs are the ammunition used in BB guns. They are tiny, lead shot projectiles in the shape of a sphere. The name BB comes from the size of the ammunition, which is usually .177 caliber or 4.5 millimeter. The sizes of lead shot used in shotgun shells were B, BB, and BBB. This middle sized piece of ammunition in what gave the gun its name.

What type of ammo does a p799 airsoft shotgun take?

6mm bb's

Can a bb shotgun can kill you?

yes basicly any gun can kill you

In genes what does BB Bb and bb mean?

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We all come in a box when bb boxes we are born, and I don't mean the womb. Once we arrive, we are slipped into a box that we are generally expected to stay in for the rest of our life, depending on the topic.

What does bb mean on

bb means baby.

How many bb's does an ASG Franchi Tactical airsoft shotgun fire in one shot?


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