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making a phone call

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Q: What does 76 do when making a phone call?
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How do you unlock blocked call on a cell phone?

you have to do *76 to unlock block calls on a cell phone

How can you block your phone number when making a call on you home phone?

you press tone

What is the phobia of making a phone call?

Telephobia of course.

What does message cancelled mean when making a phone call?

When making a phone call, you may get a message cancelled message. This means something happened in the transmission of the message and it did not go through.

What acronym is associated with making a phone call using the Internet?


How can you block your caller id when making a phone call?


How can you block your magic jack phone number when making a call?


What is the most common way of making a phone call?

The most common way of making a phone call in 2013 is by using cellular telephones. Most phone calls are now VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in terms of the the information is transmitted to each phone.

What time is recorded when a phone call is made from another timezone?

That depends on what you mean. On the phone that is making the call, and on that person's phone bill, the call will show up at the time in the time zone from which the call was placed. The phone of the person receiving the call, and that person's phone bill (if, for example, you pay for incoming calls on a cellphone), will show the call at the time it was received.

What tools do you use for making paper clips?

call me phone # 1800 dontcallme

How do you operate speaker phone on samsung europa cellphone?

when making/taking a call on android phone there is a SPEAKER on/off button in the bottom right of screen when call is connected.

How do i let them know I'll be making payment soon?

Call the phone number on the statement.

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