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nope theres no meaning specific meaning just whatever you want it too =)I have three on the side of my neck here

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Q: What does 3 star tattoos on the neck mean?
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Does Celine Dion have any tattoos?

Yes she has 3 tattoos- a heart on her toe, writing on her rib, a word on the back of her neck, she's also rumored to have another on her foot and 2 finger tattoos.

Where has Aston got a tattoo and where is it?

yes he does, he has 3 stars at the back of his head

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As far as I know he has 3 R.I.P on his neck Dappy ND (for N-Dubz) on his right arm Tulisa on his forearm

What does star tattoos mean on your shoulder?

Star tattoos are kind of like THE generic tattoo. If somebody really wants a tattoo but is not sure what to get or doesn't have anything that's really meaningful, stars are what they end up with. Someone might have 3 stars, for instance, representing each child. Or purple stars because it's their favorite color. But in general the star is the tattoo the non-creative people get just to say they have a tattoo.

What does the 3 dot tattoos on Lil Wayne face mean?

Think, Laugh, Cry

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Yes, he has an older brother and a younger brother. His 3 star tattoos actually symbolize them and himself. His older brother is the biggest star, he is the medium star and the smallest star is his little brother. But he has never mentioned his names.

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No, regrettably you only can have tattoos in the version for PC of sims 3.

What layer of the skin is tattoos?


How many tattoos have Natalie Mejia from Girlicious and what are they?

Natalie has 5 tattoos : 1. A cartoon geisha singing on her lower back 2. "Young Forever" on the back of her neck 3. "i heart music" on her right wrist 4. 3 hearts on her right bicep symbolizing her mum, dad and sister 5. On her left wrist she has some writing but I'm not sure what it is. Hope this helped :) xoxo

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He has 3 tattoos at the moment. He just got his third one recently.

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