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0.1 % equals 22 mmol so 10.9 mmol is just a hair below 0.05%

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Q: What does 10.9 mmoll ethanol level convert to as blood alcohol number?
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What does 3mmol alcohol level convert to as blood alcohol number?

3 mmol alcohol level is equivalent to 0,018 % (volume).

Is ethanol level same as Blood Alcohol Count?

Yes, they are the same.

What happens to alcohol when it goes into your blood?

Blood is pumped through the liver where alcohol is metabolized and removed. Ethanol within the human body is converted into acetaldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase and then into acetic acid by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. The product of the first step of this breakdown, acetaldehyde, is even more toxic than ethanol.

Can blood alcohol level be 0 during alcohol poisoning?

No. Actually no one has a BAC of zero because the human body produces ethanol 24/7. It's called endogenous ethanol production.

How can ethanol show up on a alcohol urine test if there was no alcohol or medication or drugs taken?

The subject tested has diabetes. The metabolism of starch creates ethanol in the blood and also causes a detectable level of acetone on the breath. (detected by breathalyzer)

Serum ethanol conversion to blood alcohol concentration?

The blood test results were shown as an ethanol value of 258. Can I assume that is 258 ml/dl. When I do the conversion 258 divided by 1.18= 218.64. Dose that give me a BAC of .218?

Will exposure to a large quantity of pepper spray inan enclosed space for over a half hour increase alcohol levels in the blood?

Nope - its main constituent is capsaicin - a chemical derived from the fruiting bodies of Capsicum plants. While ethanol (a type of alcohol) is used in the production process, the ethanol is not part of the final product - and therefore will have no affect on blood alcohol levels.

How can blood alcohol level be 0 when consuming alcohol?

It can't ever be zero under any circumstances, because the body produces alcohol itself 24/7. It's called endogenous ethanol production.

What is a example of a liquid that can boil?

ethanol, which boiling point is 78 degree Celsius

Why is ethanol soluble in blood?

Blood is mostly water, and ethanol is entirely soluble in water.

Why does alcohol get in your blood?

Through the stomach but primarily through the small intestines. In addition to any alcohol consumed, the body also produces its own alcohol through the action of yeast in the intestines. It's called endogenous ethanol production.

How do you convert alcohol level to blood alcohol concentration?

Pretty much the same thing aren't they? The only difference is semantics. Potato, tomato.