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sounds like it means that a true friend makes life a lot better

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Q: What does 'Life has no blessings like a prudent friend means?
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What does May many blessings be bestowed upon you mean?

This phrase is a way of expressing good wishes or blessings to someone, hoping that many positive things will come their way. It is a kind and respectful way of wishing someone well or offering them blessings for their life.

What does the idiom count your blessings mean?

The idiom "count your blessings" means to be grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you lack. It encourages appreciating the positive aspects of your life and acknowledging them with gratitude.

What does life taken for granted mean?

"Taking life for granted" means not appreciating or valuing life's experiences, opportunities, and blessings. It involves not recognizing the significance of the gift of life and all that it entails.

What is an easy to understand sentence using prudent in it?

It is always prudent to start any exercise program gradually at first. You should be prudent and get a second opinion before investing your life's savings

What does it mean to lay down ones life for ones friend?

It basically means to sacrifice your life.

What does bffl mean?

BFFL means Best Friend(s) For Life.

What rhymes with life but means a girl or friend?

Wife can mean a girl and a friend, but goes beyond friend a little, so not sure that is what you are looking for.

What does it mean when you have a friend die in real life and you have a dream about them coming back?

If you dream about a deceased friend coming back to life, it probably means that the friend is doing well and just wanted to check back in.

How do you get over disappointment?

Count your blessings, set a goal for tomorrow and by all means stop dwelling upon it... Life is too short to focus on life's disappointments, because tomorrow is a brand new day.

What does it mean when your friend has a dream about you?

It means you are part of your friend's life. That's a good thing, even if the dream is weird. They usually are.

What best friend means?

Best friend is a special person in everyone's life. It is one person that the other trusts and is loyal with the other.

What does C'est la vie Mes amis mean?

It means that's life, my friend.