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It's a fake card, it's not real.

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Q: What do you tribute to summon cheer ghost dark master?
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How much is your cheer ghost dark master worth?

Less than one Australian dollar. The reason for this is because there is no such thing as a CHEER GHOST DARK MASTER in yugioh, unless you are looking at a counterfeit card. I think you must be thinking about CHEER CHOST DARK MASTER. Which is still not a real card. Try selling it on eBay for 5 AU. Maybe if you did this someone in the world would come along and buy it. Sorry to tell you this. :(

When did Ghost Master happen?

Ghost Master happened in 2003.

Can you summon a ghost?

yes, get a game called weegee board

When was Ghost Master created?

Ghost Master was created on 2003-05-23.

What are the ratings and certificates for Ghost Master - 2003 VG?

Ghost Master - 2003 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

How do you summon ghost in a castle?

jump up and down 3 times and click your heels together

Who was the spirit who spreads good cheer in A Christmas Carol?

I believe it was the Ghost of Christmas Present.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ghost Master - 2003?

The cast of Ghost Master - 2003 includes: Martina Messing as Ghost Voices Bart Ruspoli as Ghostmaster (Italian version)

How do you summon a spirit?

you can usually summon spirits by mirror(ive heard) if you do it angers them 2 be summoned or a uijie board u can probably find one at target and 2 those fellow ghost hunters or ghost watchers good luck but be prepared 4 the spirit it may be violent

Is master chief is a ghost?

Nope he is a super soldier.

What are the release dates for The Gray Ghost - 1957 The Master Spy 1-30?

The Gray Ghost - 1957 The Master Spy 1-30 was released on: USA: 1958

What are the release dates for Ghost Master - 2003 VG?

Ghost Master - 2003 VG was released on: UK: 23 May 2003 USA: 19 August 2003