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A bed, a chair, and a toothbrush!

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Q: What do you sleep in sit on and brush your teeth with?
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What do you sit on sleep on and brush your teeth with?

A bed, a chair, and a toothbrush!

How to be not sick?

eat right exersise good night sleep brush teeth wash your body

What do college students and mattress testers have in common?

* they sleep on matresses * they brush their teeth * they shower/bath * they have to take test * they sleep * they are peopl * ect.

How do you prevent cavities?

Brush your teeth in the morning when you wake up, after every meal, and before you go to sleep.

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Get a tooth brush and tooth paste and there brush your teeth….DUH!!

How Do you Get Perfect White Teeth Without Bleach?

Well first after breakfast you brush your teeth because later you won't eat anything then before you go to sleep you brush in little circles Also try pronamel toothpaste

How often should an adult with braces brush their teeth?

every time they eat go to sleep and wake up

How do you brush a toddler's teeth?

you have to brush there teeth up and down

Do you have to brush your pugs teeth?

You have to brush any dog's teeth!

How do you replace the starter on a 1997 Buick Century?

sit in a chair and eat pinapple all day long then brush your teeth

Did scribes brush their teeth?

they use to brush thier teeth with chairs

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Sleep, watch TV, burp, smoke cigarettes, brush teeth, dishes, dessert/coffee