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You tell her... I really hope you feel better soon and I will be right by your side until you do. :)

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Q: What do you say to a girl when she says i don't feel good?
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What does it mean when a girl says i can't say?

It means they dont feel comfortable talking about it.

What does a guy mean when he says to a girl to be good?

dont run off with someone else

How do you talk to a girl after she says no?


What if a guy says i feel you?

say 'well I dont wanna feel you!' hahaa

Does Justin Bieber hate stomach aches?

yes,he is just like everyone he says stomach aces dont feel good.

What are the signs of a girl when she does not feel you anymore?

she says i hate u

What should you do when a girl says that she loves you?

Tell her how you feel towards her.

What does it mean if a girl tells you that no girl is good enough for me and i say to you i don't think anyone will be good enough and she says i just want you to be loved as I love you?

she is trying to make you feel bad. straight up Why would she do that?

How does a 13 year old ask a girl out?

its simple go up to the girl and say something like do you have a boyfriend if she says no say do you want a boyfriend? if she says yeh then say im ok? make sure u smile ...:) if she says no stay cool dont loose it shes obviously not good for you if she says no... take it from a 13 year old girl lol :L good luck adriana xx

Should you ask a girl out that does not like you?

Yes, you have nothing to loose if she likes you secretly then you will feel like an idiot not asking her out but if she has a boyfriend then no, but even if she says no then you will have made her feel good and then she might like you

What do you do you tell a girl if they say your are unattractive or i can tell you as one no?

If the girl says that you are unattractive, she is not your friend. She wants you to feel like you are ugly just so that she can feel good in some sickening way, so she needs to get over herself. I know out of experience.

How do you make a girl fill like youre the one for her?

You tell her she beautiful all the time, you make her feel special like theres no one else but her. Tell her how you feel about her. Smile at her, talk to her nonstop. When she says goodnight say Goodnight Baby, Have a good sleep. Dont buy her stuff unless you want to. Girls just want to feel special. Make her feel that way. Hope it helped.