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I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year, and I still remember the first time he called me. You just start talking, like ask how her day was, and she'll tell you, and you give your input. You start to branch out to other things. If she just says the generic "it was good" ask her what it was that she did that day. Then you'll do the same, like "yeah my day was pretty good too. i did blah blah blah." What happens with me and my guy is we always go onto new subjects, based on what we were saying. Like, if he says something, it'll remind me of a story. You just go back and forth and you really get to know eachother, and get more comfortable. Hope I helped! =]

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Q: What do you say to a girl the first time you call her?
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What should you say to a girl that you have not seen in a long time the first time you call her?

lets get together

What do you talk about when your call a girl for the first time?

say hi. then ask may b about where s this shop, do u know abt this , etc/?

What do you say when you call a guy for the first time?

Hey how are you! Hehe;)

When is it time to have your first kiss with your girl friend?

All i can say is when the time comes it will just happen!

Why a girl says no for the first time to a boy?

because the boy always wants sexual intercorse first and in that point girls will say no for the first time

What words do you say to ask a girl out?

First be nice to her. At the right time, you compliment her and then you can ask her. Say 'I really like you for who you are' and then say 'will you go out with me'.

How do you get a girl to call you?

say your free and your really hot then take her phone number and say "call me"

How do you make out with a 14 year old girl for the first time?

say, "Your mom has blue waffle."

You don't have a girl's phone number so how do you nicely ask for it?

Well you can be direct and ask:You: "Say (girl's name here), I had a nice time with you and was wondering if I could call you sometime."or You: "Say (girl's name here), I see you all the time at school and was wondering if I could call you sometime."Her: "Sure, that would be OK."You: "Do you have a phone number I could call and talk to you on?"Her: "Ok, call me at XXX-000-X0X0"See that didn't hurt and something like that could work for you.

Is it ok for the girl to say I love you first if she is pretty sure that the boy wants to say it too but is just too nervous to?

yea that's perfectly fine. most of the time when guys are under the age 15 or so. then normally the girl has to say i love u first. and normally the girl will have to make the first move. but don't worry. he'll grow more confident as time goes by.

How do you a girl the first time you meet her?

You have to be show her that your worth her time. Express how you feel, be kind and gentel to her

How do you say hi to a girll for the first time?

You should say hi nicely, then maybe talk to her i noe this 'cuz im a girl :D