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i want to be your best friend.....a week later ask to be more than friends trust me it really works

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Q: What do you say in a birthday card to the guy you like?
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What should i say on my godson's birthday card?

happy birthday

What do you say in a birthday card for your brother?

happy birthday to my rock in bro

How do you sign your name on a Birthday card to a guy that's your friend but you like him and you're not confident on putting a heart or 'love' or some thing to that extent?

just say your friend........ Write your name and a smiley emotion.

What should you write in a birthday card you have made for your boyfriend?

Just say what you feel, just as if you were writing a birthday card to a friend.

What Words to say in a birth day card?

Happy birthday to who ever your writing the card to

What to say to the man you love on a birthday card?

maybe I love you?

What is the proper etiquette for sending a electronic card on the recipient's birthday?

No one can say for sure what the proper etiquette is for sending a birthday gift card. Something to keep in mind is to always send a gift card that can be returned or refunded should the receiver not like the store.

What does the birthday card even mean?

A birthday card allows you to express yourself when you find it hard to say the words you mean. Also a birthday card can be a good way to surprise someone either with money or gift cards.

What are some good things to say in a birthday card for your boyfriend?

i love to say your name at night

What should you write in a birthday card for your dad?

If you are not exactly sure how to say what you want to- let the card say it for you. Pick out a funny, sweet, or serious card to fit your Dad's personality and the relationship you have or hope to with him. Tell him thanks, you love him, or just happy birthday!

What to say to someone you just met on a birthday card?

I hope you have a GREAT year!

How do you say my birthday is June 23?

u say it like this "my birthday is June 23rd"

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