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You can hang a wreath on your door

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Q: What do you hang on the door to decorate your house at Christmas?
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What do the french decorate their house with at Christmas?

The French decorate their Christmas trees with red ribbons and real white candles and baubles and hang nuts and fruits and sweets on it.

What is an ornament?

something that you can hang on a Christmas tree, something you use to decorate your house or something you use to decorate yourself. It's a decoration.

How do you make your own christmas decorations?

The best way to make your own Christmas decorations is to be creative. You can make strings of popcorn to decorate your tree, or cut snowflakes out of paper to hang on your door.

What do you hang on your door at Christmas?


How do you decorate for Christmas?

put up trees with tinsel boabels buy decorations hang them hang stockings put up Christmas cards... hope this helped?:)

What do people hang on the front door at Christmas?

A wreath.

How do you hang the wreath on the door on impossible test Christmas?

you tell me!!

Where do you hang a horseshoe at your house?

on your front door

What are good action verbs about Christmas?

greet, decorate, surprise, prepare, kiss, send, eat, hang, choose

What do people hang on their doors for Christmas?

People hang various items on their doors for Christmas, including wreaths, holiday door covers, bells, and lights.

Where can I find a list of good Christmas yard decorations?

You place little snowman's or a blow up one in your lawn. You can lay Christmas lights across your lawn. decorate your bushes or trees with lights. Another good idea is hang a reff on your door, always welcoming.

Why do people hang greenery in the house at Christmas?

they do this to get into the Christmas spirit! MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO

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