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You get in a chance to catch pneumonia. After you do she'll never phone you. I'll never fall in love again.

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Q: What do you get when you kiss a girl?
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Did Ashley kiss a girl?

Ashley Tisdale produced a video for her song, Kiss the Girl, which can be seen on You Tube. She did not kiss a girl on the video.

Can a kiss can make a girl pregnant?

No a girl cant get pregnant from a kiss so that mean you can kiss any girl and she wont get pregnant

At what age should you kiss a girl?

You can kiss a girl from any age!

Making a girl kiss you.?

Whoah!! You can't make a girl kiss you!!

When would Justin bieber kiss a girl?

yes he will kiss a girl

What do you do if a girl wants to kiss you in her room?

kiss her man! kiss her!

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If a girl doesn't like to be kissed then you don't kiss her. If she wants to kiss you she will.

Did justing bieber kiss a girl in one time?

No but the girl did kiss him on the cheek

When was Kiss a Girl created?

Kiss a Girl was created on 2009-03-10.

How do you kiss a black girl?

The same way you kiss any girl: with your lips.

How you can kiss your girl friend?

lean in and kiss her.....

What it called to kiss a girl lip?

A kiss