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First I would figure out why your best friend did that. Then I would tell your crush what happened and that you really like him.

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Q: What do you do when your crush gets told by your best friend to never talk to you again and he avoids you?
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How can I persuade my friend to give me my crush's phone number?

Tell your friend how much you love the person and promise the friend never to disappoint and that you wont tell your crush where you got the number

What do you do when you have a crush on your best friends boyfriend?

"Ask him out when your best friend dumps him." ^thats the last thing you should do! if your a friend, you don't grasscut your friend! never date your friends crush or ex!

What if your friend telling you an information about your crush are you going to believe her?

It depends how much you know the friend, if the friend has never lied to you I would believe them.

How can you prevent your friend from telling your crush that you are a stalker?

just talk it over with your friend! and if she doesnt listen, you know she was never a true friend in the first place!

What do you do if your best friend told you that your boyfriend is cheating on you but he says no?

You obviously listen to your best friend. your best friend wouldn't lie to you. unless your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend. if he is cheating on you, break up with him because once they cheat, they never change and will cheat on you again. there are plenty of other boys out there, no matter how much he loves you!

How do I either move on or confront the situation when last year my friend told my crush I was obsessed with him and he does not talk to me and avoids all contact with me?

It's important to address the situation to regain control and clarity. Consider talking to your friend about the impact of their actions on your relationship with your crush. It might be useful to communicate directly with your crush and address any misunderstandings or concerns they may have. Ultimately, focusing on your self-care and surrounding yourself with supportive individuals can help you navigate this challenging situation.

After a three and a half year relationship your girlfriend dumps you and starts sleeping with your best friend how do you move on and deal with them-this?

Try to forget her in anyway you can if she really loved you she would never sleep with your best friend and your best friend was never your true friend --- I'd literally crush my "best friends" nuts, and drag my "girlfriend"s name through the mud so bad that she cant show her face in town ever again.

What happens if your friend has a crush on your crush?

crush on him together but if she wants to ask him out then help her out insure her but be careful tell her that you and i have to be careful we both have to trust each other. TELL HER THATS MY MAN AND UR SO UGLY THAT YOU WILL NEVER GET HIM ANYWAY

Should I making a move on the guy I have a crush on because he is moving soon and I'll never see him again?

go for it!

What do you do if your friend told your crush you like him and now he just stares at you never talks to you and when you are walking toward each other he turns and walks the other way?

Well, tell your friend to tell him that she was just joking and hope everything will be alright between you and your crush

How do you get friend to be friends again?

Just tell them to get along again. Or tell them without their friend, this wouldn't have happened. Or if this includes you, apologize. It's never too late!

How do you gain a friend's trust again?

That friend may never fully trust you again, but over time, they will trust you more if you always be truthful with them and always do what you tell them you will do.